Elle Neoprene One-Piece

$ 162.50 $ 250.00

Make a statement in the Elle one piece. This one-piece neoprene bikini is named after our muse Elle McPherson, straight from the 80's.

Abysse wetsuits are exclusively made from premium YAMAMOTO Japanese Limestone Based Neoprene, which is the best eco-friendly option of the 21st Century as traditional neoprene is petroleum based.

Made out of 100% premium Japanese Yamamoto Ecoprene, considered to be the highest quality Neoprene available. It differs from regular Neoprene as the cell structure is much denser, offering excellent thermal insulation while remaining strong, light weight and flexible.Limestone based neoprene is made from limestone instead of petrol, it's considered the lowest carbon footprint in the modern wetsuit production.

All linings are made from post consumer plastic waste on all our suits, which the majority derives from post consumer plastic bottles, lowering our environmental impact.


Super stretch & so comfy for unrestricted movement

Front Zipper for ease of wearing and removal

2mm thickness for warmth and insulation

Sleek Seam Placement for a stylish look

Flatlock stitched Seams 

High-quality and durable

Black Abysse logo on the left side


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