If it gets wet, let it dry out, being careful to leave it in its original shape, out of direct sunlight. 

Avoid contact with pens/ink as they can soak in below the surface and may not come out. 

Keep out of direct sunlight when possible. Leather can dry out and change color when subjected to prolonged or extreme sun exposure. 

Try to avoid scratching with sharp or abrasive objects. Leather is basically a skin so it will scratch and scuff like skin would. 

You can use a high quality leather protectant, although on light colored products like the Latte leather, we would generally advise against it. Our leathers are all treated by the tanneries and generally do not need any further treatment.

In the event that you do get your leather dirty, for light cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth of a similar color to your leather. We recommend cleaning in a circular motion and then leaving the leather to dry for up to 24 hours for the color to return to normal after wetting. For more serious cleaning, please contact a leather cleaning professional.

Please Note: Dark clothing, especially denim, may rub off on the surface of your leather, especially light colored leathers. Due to the natural, unlined quality of our unlined leather products, there is a chance color-crocking may occur on very lightly colored items when carried in the darker colored bags. Rain also has the potential to cause color-crocking, so please be aware of this.

Finally, please remember that leather is meant to age/wear with you and develop its own idiosyncrasies and character. None of our bags is exactly the same as any other and they all change tone and gain character through their lives and that is what we love so much about them.